Fastener Manufacture & Selling Affiliation Group Of China

Fastener Manufacture & Selling Affiliation Group Of China
The company is jointly operated by over 30 manufactures in the largest manufacturing base of fastener in China, and acts as an agent to cope with all their export business. It applies itself to realize association between well-established enterprises, and make progress towards collectivization and internationalization to create a world famous brand with great efforts. The products include almost all kinds of fastener products and relevant products, e. g. , various screw threaded bolts and nuts (ISO, AISI/SAE, DIN, JIS) , various screw threaded bolts and nuts with different intensity (Grades: 4.8, 6.8, 8.8, 10.8, 12.9) and different specifications (dimension, figure) , flange face bolt, expansion bolt, chemical drift bolt, screw (coach screw, hook screw, flat screw, etc. ) , thumb pin, corrugated pin, U pin, rivet, pin, unfold-tailed pin, gasket (including spring gaskets) and their deformation element(profile pieces) . Besides, it can also manufacture the products according to the clients' requirements. (The drawing and parameter requirement shall be attached)
Operated with collectivization and association with well-established enterprises, the company incorporates design, production and foreign trade as an organic whole, which decreased production cost, guaranteed product quality, optimized management mode, promoted after-sale service quality and strengthened information feedback effect. It has an experienced engineer group and can also design products which you are satisfied with (profile pieces) according to your need.
We are Fastener Manufacture & selling affiliation group of China. We supply Fastener(Bolt, screws, nut, gasket, key, pin, expansion bolt, foundation bolt, chemical drift bolt) with good quality and low price.
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Hongkang Liu
[86] 311 86791270
Huitong Road
Shijiazhuang, Hebei, 050000, China
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Mr.Hongkang Liu
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about 100
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10,000 square feet
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